.: Instrument Pilot :.

The instrument rating is your next step after you finish your private pilot certificate and to think that in only 10 days you can learn to fly in the clouds. If you ever wondered how the instruments work or are looking at a career in avaition or just want the rating for a safety net it is a must to be a more proficient and confident pilot. Central Wisconsin Avaitions Cessna SkyHawk is the perfect training aircraft for the instrumnet rating with all the latest and up-to-date avionics and GPS.

Minimum Training Requirements
  • Hold at least a private pilot certificate
  • Pass the required knowledge test
  • 50 hours of PIC Cross-Country
  • 40 hours of simulated or actual instrument time. 15 hours must be by a certified flight instructor
  • One 250nm cross-country flight along victor airways or ATC directed.
    An instrument appoach at each airport, 3 different approaches with the use of navigation systems.
  • Required ground school training secified by FAR 61.65
  • 3 hours if instrument training that is appropriate to the instrument rating sought, from an
    authorized instructor in preparation for the practical test, within the last 60 days.

Topics Covered
  • Preflight Preparation & Procedures
  • Air Traffic Control Clearances and Procedures
  • Navigation Systems
  • Instrument Approach Procedures
  • Emergency Operations

  • Current 3rd class medical certificate
  • Private Pilots License