.: Commercial Pilot :.

A commercial licence allows a pilot to be compensated for the carriage of persons or property, which starts to open employment opportunities.

Minimum Training Requirements:
  • Private Pilot License
  • 3rd Class Medical Certificate
  • 250 hrs. flight time as a pilot
  • Minimum of 100 hrs powered aircraft
  • Minimum of 50 hrs in airplanes
  • Minimum of 10 hrs in a complex airplane
  • Minimum of 50 hrs cross-country time
  • Specified Cross-Country Flights
  • Specified landings
  • Applicant must pass applicable written, oral, and practical tests

A commercial licensee is required for all flight operations requiring compensation. This allows a pilot, with certain restriction, to work for a airline or charter service. Without an instrument rating a pilot is severely limited; a non-instrument rated commercial pilot cannot carry passengers at night, or passengers/property in excess of 50 miles from their airline, cargo company, or charter service.

As an instrument rated commercial pilot the doors of opportunity are opened. In addiation, any piloting careers are limited by a company's insurance requirements. Most airlines, cargo, and charter companies have similar requiremens.
  • Agiculture Pilot
  • Freight Pilot
  • Bush Pilot